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1) Marriage package with any one hall
2) Marriage package with both hall
3) Package for vratabandh (व्रतबंध)

Each marriage and vratabandha package contains following arrangements

Simant pujan
  • Supper(Dinner) for 100 people.
    MENU: Dal, Rice, Ghee, Common salt, Lemon,chatni,Bundi rayta,One Vegitable, Kadhi or Aamti,Shira(Sweet),puri,Masala supari.
  • Sleeping arrangement with 20 beds for each hall.
  • Hot & cold water for bath for 50 people.
  • Breakfast for 100 people contains upma/pohe
  • Total 400 cups of tea or coffee from time to time.
  • Total 300 Pedhas and rose water, Akshata.
  • 15 coconuts for Groom's honour.
  • Silver set for couple.
  • In-door live band and recorded shahanai for the marriage.
  • Lunch for 300 people following the marriage.
    MENU: Dal, Plane Rice, Masale Bhat, Ghee, Commonsalt, Lemon, chatni, salad, pakoda or bhaji, potato vegetables, mataki usal, alu bhaji, puri, jilebi, mattha, masala supari.

  • Permissible period of marriage ceremony:-At 7.p.m from previous day till 4.p.m on marriage day.
    Other things like Guruji, Video, Photography and Decoration etc. will be charged seperately.

    4) Package for small functions (for 4 hours)
    1) Hall Rent Rs.10000/-
    2) Other things like Guruji, Video, Photography and Decoration etc. will be charged seperately.

    * Rates may varry as per your function menu.

    Existed rates for food will be charged.
    GST applicable on hall rent and catering services seperately.
    No outside food will be allowed.
    No consumption of alcohol and the premises of the karyalaya.
    Firework is prohibited.
    Rules,regulations,conditions of the marriage hall are binding to the booking party.

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